It’s one thing to be told what the problem is. It’s another to work towards a solution. Working towards a solution means a healthy dialogue. Together and only together can we address the social media anxieties that adversely affect our youth (to the point of death).

3 Resources

  1. Connect. The documentary by Kirk Cameron – CONNECT is a movie that equips parents to parent their kids in the age of social media. Movie times and available showings.


2. One of my favorites Screenagers Movie. Very powerful. The board of education in my town hosted the movie and it was an eye-opener for my wife and me.



3. Followed the Book:

Followed, describes what it’s like to be a kid using the internet, specifically on social media. It’s a compelling story of a group of typical, modern-day teens navigating their way through social channels and personal emotions. Vanessa, a popular High School Freshman, is being “Followed” and pursued on social media by someone she doesn’t know and is suspicious about. Her doubts are in direct conflict with most of her inner circle of friends who are impressed with his online persona. Drama and self-doubt ensue, as friendships are strained in an attempt to clarify this person’s identity and intentions.

The book features end-of-chapter reflection questions that engage the students and support them in their anxieties and doubts.


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