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Cory Alexander

Cory Alexander

If not, why not? If so, why not you?
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Look Up, Life is Happening

Look Up, Life is Happening

I've recently took inventory of my cell phone usage. Particularly, when, where, why and for how long. Not an official deep dive, more self reflection. I noticed that I'm not necessarily leading by example in my home. I'm a loose user in the evenings around my family,...

How Much Is Too much?

How Much Is Too much?

I'm a guidance counselor at an urban high school. The teenagers I serve seem average in terms of what they find important (popularity, fashion, reputation etc.). We have students that get accepted into great colleges on academic scholarships and some that don't intend...

Followed is a must-read book for all students.

You'll meet Vanessa and her friends, a group of typical, modern-day teens navigating their way through social media channels as an online predator is trying to infiltrate their group.


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