I was walking past my youngest son and noticed the Instagram logo on his screen. My wife and I don’t allow our two youngest (14 & 16) to have Instagram. It’s too much pressure, in our humble opinion. So we audited the phone (something we do) and found that he was direct messaging a beautiful young lady (IG Model). She was asking him for money. That’s no surprise, we all know by this point what’s going on. The surprise was that my son was contemplating forking over his allowance to help her. If you saw her and the number of followers she had, there’s no logical reason she would need my son’s allowance. Anyway, we spoke, he cried, we hugged, then we laid out the fact that the chances that he was speaking to the women in the picture were slim to none.

Good news, we were able to catch it before he sent money. Truth be told, he was truly trying to figure out how much he would send. I’m a school counselor, ever-present father, and author chronicling this very subject and he still got roped in.

Speak to your children as much as possible, watch documentaries, and audit their phones from time to time. They’re too impressionable to trust them to manage on their own when adults have trouble. Expecting the best without addressing the elephant in the room when there are strategic predators lurking, is clearly expecting too much of our youth. The steaks are too high. Help them help themselves.

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Stay safe, Cory

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