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1 week ago
@Chris_Broussard Can’t really say. If Shaq was now, that would mean he grew up in the 3 pt era. He might, just might not have wanted to play inside due to the trend.
2 weeks ago
@Cathig8r @I_Teach_Bmore @nplace1 Thank you. If it’s not to much trouble. Please refer to your colleagues. A referral is more powerful than a sales pitch. Thanks again for the feedback. Best, Cory
3 weeks ago
@mralhardy1 Yes, I feel like my voice matters. Especially in my home. Society is a beast on to its own. There’s different standards on determining what voice matters. A voice that matters is determined by the receiver. Each person decides if they’d like to resonate with the perspective.
4 weeks ago
RT @barstoolsports: Out of all the Kobe stories in the last day, this one hit differently.

Elle Duncan on Kobe “being a dad. A girl dad.”…
4 weeks ago
@NBA every player should wear 8 or 24 at the @AllStarGame and then retire the numbers #mombamentality #RIPMamba

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