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3 months ago
“It gets late early.” -Yogi Berra. Good morning. As an educator, you know that all too much. I am sure your students are knee-deep in social media drama, already. Check out my free Climate & Cultural Plan. Let me know if you have any questions. https://t.co/WJ4UV5ahp1
3 months ago
@C_S_Johnson13 You explain that you and your spouse practice boundaries and that accepting his contact info would violate that.
3 months ago
RT @dodo: This guy is determined to make this aggressive dog love him 💛 https://t.co/5pWQ0BzjFu
3 months ago
Let’s make a 🎥...after we publish the 📖 https://t.co/FkeRQH3Usq followedthebook photo
3 months ago
Help me encourage LeBron and Meverick to read my book. Hey if worked for Meek 🤔👊🏽 #lebronreadmybook #nextspringhillentproject #lebronstarsinfimastwins https://t.co/Y8dFSpJaQD followedthebook photo

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